How to Make a Scrunchy

This is a great beginner’s project and great for kids wanting to sew something. And they are popular again! You can use all kinds of fabrics, but quilting cotton is the best for starting out.


  • rectangle- 3″x 20″ to make a basic size scrunchy (you can make these wider, longer, shorter, thinner for more or less ruffles and various sizes )
  • elastic- 1/4″x 3″
  • safety pin, thread, sewing machine

Fold your rectangle in half lengthwise, and sew the wrong sides together on the long edge making a tube.

Pin one side with a safety pin in order to pull the fabric right side out.

Attach the safety pin to the elastic.

Secure the end of the elastic to the fabric so it doesn’t pull through.

Then pull the elastic all the way through the fabric tube. And hand sew one end inside the other end keeping the raw fabric edges inside.

You can also use the sewing machine to stitch the ends together but it flattens that side of the scrunchy, but it’s a little bit faster.

And you’re done! Make a bunch!


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