Fabric Card Holder with Key Ring

Fabric Card Holder with Key Ring

This is another fast sewing project that can be done in probably 20-30 minutes!

Materials :

  • 2 4×10 inch coordinating fabric rectangles
  • 11/2 inch rectangle to hold the key ring
  • key ring
  • hook and loop fastener or other fastener (make sure it is not sticky or you will gum up your needle and machine- get sew in hook and loop tape)

First iron the keyring holder in place by folding in half lengthwise and then folding the edges in as shown.

Stitch it together

Add the keyring and stitch that into place.

Card Wallet

Place the key ring fabric in between the 2 rectangles right sides together where you want it- this one was about 1 inch from the bottom.

Pin the rectangle together and sew them leaving an opening on a side to turn it right side out .

Turn it right side out through the opening and iron it flat.

Then fold it so that there is a place for the cards and a flap that goes over the top as shown.

Sew on the hook and loop tape

First cut the tape about 2 inches long, and pin each side in place where you want the wallet to close.

Next stitch around all the edges, you can use a decorative stitch if you want or even add a button. (You could also use a snap for the closure instead of hook and loop tape.)


Sew up each side and you’re done!

Easy Peasy! This is a great beginner project and really fun to have a project you can finish quickly in between other larger projects.

All the instructions are above, but if you’d rather you can buy it already made- buy it here:


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