Best Flannel Baby Blanket Tutorial

Best Flannel Baby Blanket Tutorial

This is my favorite size receiving blanket, flannel is so soft for baby, you’ll want to have a few of these for your favorite baby!

This project usually takes about 15-60 minutes. The blanket measures about 34×43 inches depending on the exact measurements of your fabric. This process can be used for any size if you want larger or smaller blankets.


  • 1 yard each of front and back flannel
  • thread
  • sewing machine

Step 1

Wash and dry your flannel, iron it out smooth.

2- place the flannel pieces right sides together and pin them .

3- Trim the sides with a rotary cutter or scissors so they are all the same and as straight as possible. It helps to line up the top edge along the line and cut perpendicular to that edge. It can help to pin the oieces togetin place, but it’s up to you.

4- Sew all around the edge leaving an opening to pull it right side out.

5- Trim the corners

6- Iron the edges flat, smooth and even.

7- Topstitch all the way around including where the opening is that you used to turn the blanket right side out. This closes the opening and secures the blanket edges all in one step.

8- You’re all done! Enjoy the blanket or give it as a great baby shower gift!

I also have some of these available in my shop already made!


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